A Blast at the Heathcoat Challenge article



The field was filled with ‘ooh’s and ‘ahh’s as the first rocket was launched into the sky. The Heathcoat challenge had arrived and four schools, Tiverton High school, St John’s primary, Tidcombe Primary, and Heathcoat Primary, along with a representative from the local news agency, were ready and excited to begin. Prior to the event, each school had been given a brief, to create the best rocket that would both travel as far as possible, and be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, the challenge? To do so using a variety of fabrics provided by Heathcoat and a plastic bottle. Prior to the challenge, the pupils had all been invited on a tour around Heathcoat factory to give a better understanding of the textile industry and the work involved.

The children worked hard and on the day, over 60 bottles were entered in the hope of winning but the winner was submitted from a pupil at Tiverton High School whose bottle managed to travel a whopping 115 metres!

The day was a huge success; the children were excited to be part of a creative project, and it was a great opportunity for Heathcoat to become more involved with the community and give a better understanding to the children about what goes on behind the gates. The children were also asked to judge the rockets, so their scores will be totalled before presenting an overall winner.

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