Knitted Recycled Synthetic Polymers Dyed with Natural Colorants:

A Breakthrough Presentation at Techtextil 20th Edition

The 20th edition of Techtextil opened its doors on April 23, 2024, and the spotlight shone on Heathcoat Fabrics’ Colorist, Joanna Kay. The Techtextil Programme Committee selected Joanna to present her paper on natural dyes as part of the prestigious Techtextil Forum.

Breakthrough development of Terra Krhome Natural Dye ColorantsHeathcoat Fabrics unveiled its Terra-Khrome dyed fabric range, a groundbreaking development that achieves remarkable colour depth on recycled Polyamide (PA) fibres using natural dyes. This innovative approach provides vibrant colours but also ensures comparative fastness when compared to standard synthetic dye applications on standard PA.

Here, Joanna sheds light on the journey of researching and implementing natural dyes within Heathcoat Fabrics:

Research and Implementation Challenges:

“Using natural dyes has been on our radar for a couple of years now. However, scaling up production demands, locating reliable dye suppliers and modifying processes to effectively apply them to recycled synthetic polymers has been time-consuming.”

Overcoming Viability Challenges:

“Natural dyes present inherent differences from synthetic dyes due to impurities and variations in sourcing and extraction methods. While they may not offer the same vividness as synthetic counterparts, the appeal lies in their environmental sustainability.”

Motivation Behind Natural Alternatives:

“Heathcoat’s venture into natural dyes stems from the growing demand for environmentally sustainable alternatives. As consumers increasingly seek eco-conscious options, we are compelled to explore natural alternatives.”

Impact on Heathcoat and the wider Textile Industry:

“The adoption of natural dyes signifies a shift towards sustainability in the textile industry. While not a complete solution, they offer a compelling option for environmentally conscious consumers.”

Future Implementation and Customer Response:

“While natural dyes are yet to be integrated into our dye house, imminent plans are underway. With preliminary work completed, our Warp Knitting department is gearing up to introduce upcoming products.”

Heathcoat Fabrics’ commitment to innovation and sustainability is poised to redefine the landscape of textile manufacturing. With the unveiling of Terra-Khrome dyed fabric range, they continue to lead the industry towards a greener future.

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