Heathcoat Fabrics has a successful history of manufacturing parachute fabrics, spanning over 80 years. With markets continually growing, our development team specialise in producing the newest products to meet the latest requirements.

These include high-strength lightweight fabrics for canopies and heavier fabrics for parachute packs. We offer a wide variety of finishes including dyed, calendered, and an extensive range of coating methods.

We adopt a meticulous approach and with the introduction of Heathcoat Advanced Yarns, we have an unmatched advantage of engineering unique properties directly into our yarn prior to weaving. Creating an unrivalled, lighter weight parachute fabric with increased weight to strength ratio, and unsurpassed heat and UV resistance.


Being in total control from start to finish, enables our customers to benefit from the freedom to specify specific fabric properties at the design stage. As a result, Heathcoat DecelAir fabrics are the preferred choice for demanding military, sports and space applications such as NASA’s MARS2020 mission.


Features and Benefits tell the story

Heathcoat parachute canopy fabrics offer many unique advantages including:

  • Superior heat and UV resistance
  • Canopy fabrics that are incredibly lightweight, strong and durable
  • Rip-stop weave
  • Dyed to your individual requirements in-house
  • Cutting edge yarns include PA6.6, Kevlar®, Twaron® and Heathcoat Advanced Yarns®
  • Parachute pack fabrics have a rotproof finish
  • 3D fabrics for parachute harnesses and backpacks
  • ISO14001:2015 accredited

Breadth of Capability

You will find Heathcoat parachute fabrics performing across the world – and beyond. From man carrying chutes, ejector systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV)/drones to celebrated space missions; it is our sheer diversity of applications that inspires us to redraw the perimeters of performance. The Heathcoat Advanced Yarns® used in our DecelAir™ Superlight fabric are designed to withstand the most extreme and hostile conditions through exceptional strength, durability, UV and heat resistance. Our DecelAir™ Extreme range features ultra-durable materials such as Kevlar® and Twaron®. This engineering expertise has produced remarkable products including the lightest reserve chute fabric currently available for drone and paragliding rescue.

Watch our DecelAir™ Superlight fabric pass the toughest of tests

“…the material is quite remarkable – a really fantastic job in designing it.”

“…big congratulations are owed to you guys for working with us to engineer an impressive material.”

Would you like to find out more?

Heathcoat are recognised as the leading global supplier of parachute fabrics to space, military and leisure users, sold under their distinctive DecelAir™ brand.

The power of aramid coupled with Heathcoat textile technology; virtually indestructible brake chute fabrics for high-speed land and air vehicles.

DecelAir™ Superlight fabrics weigh just 20gsm or less, yet withstand the most extreme and hostile conditions through the exceptional strength, durability, UV and heat resistance of Heathcoat Advanced Yarns.

Heathcoat Advanced Yarns™ demonstrates our continuing commitment to research, development and innovation. Heathcoat have the unique ability to engineer our yarns to meet the specific demands of the end product.