We are driven by a culture where fresh ideas and focus on each individual customer need is fundamental to our success.

Every fabric we develop is created for a clear purpose: to meet an exact requirement, often defined by extreme performance parameters and the need for a world-first solution.

Our uniqueness doesn’t stop here. At Heathcoat Fabrics we offer a truly extraordinary range of products that is simply unmatched. We can provide all services from yarn processing, weaving and warp knitting, to fabric dyeing and specialist finishing. All made possible with the advantage of our state-of-the-art facilities, extensive research and development and, most importantly, the ingenuity of our people.

Heathcoat Advanced Yarns™ demonstrates our continuing commitment to research, development and innovation. Heathcoat have the unique ability to engineer our yarns to meet the specific demands of the end product.

Synchrotec® is the global brand name for our industry-leading transmission belting textiles. Utilising the highly engineered properties of Heathcoat Advanced Yarns they offer the ultimate in controlled stretch and durability.

Turbotec® is the worldwide number one textile choice for mandrel-built hose reinforcement. Turbotec® woven and knitted fabrics can withstand extreme temperature, are lightweight and incredibly durable.

Heathcoat spacetec® 3-Dimensional technology is a high-performance multifunctional one-piece spacer textile solution. The fabric construction can be tailored to application requirements.

Heathcoat Fabrics’ unique knitted drop-stitch fabric provides controlled flat surface expansion that maintains a consistent shape when inflated with air, foam or water.

Heathcoat are recognised as the leading global supplier of parachute fabrics to space, military and leisure users. The DecelAir™ range includes Superlight weighing 20gsm or less, and Extreme for unrivalled brake chute solutions.

The exclusive Flare Free® brand is a unique flame-retardant treatment applied to our premium tulle and dress net products, providing conformance to EN71:Part 2.

GARDTEX covers our range of durable protective fabrics for industrial clothing applications. GARDTEX fabrics offer protection from chemical, metal splash, electrostatic discharge and fire.

HDtec™ is an advanced range of print-ready fabrics producing High Definition, vibrant, pin-sharp digital print for the flag and soft signage industry.