As the market leader in fabrics for timing-belt applications, our dedicated specialist teams make Heathcoat Fabrics’ products and service a step above competitors. Our deep knowledge of transmission-belting applications has allowed us to create fabrics for next-generation timing belts, belt-in-oil applications and high-performance accessory drive belts.

Our Synchrotec brand represents the widest available range of woven fabrics that use treatments compatible to CR, HNBR, and EPDM rubbers. Using exotic fibres and treatments, we can tailor our fabrics to benefit customers’ individual requirements. Synchrotec fabrics also contribute to a reduction in the environmental impacts of vehicles through improved fuel economy leading to lower emissions and reduced noise pollution.

Helping manufacturers reduce environmental impact

  • Reducing friction for increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions
  • Reducing noise, improving the driving experience and reducing environmental noise pollution
  • Reducing belt wear for longer life and cost of ownership savings
  • Replacing chains for high efficiency performance in high temperature oil
  • Aqueous enhanced rubber adhesion chemistry

Turbotec hose textiles

These are lightweight, extremely temperature resilient and designed to work in climates from below-zero to over 200 degrees Centigrade. Heathcoat hose textiles are unique, supplied with a primed/adhesive activated water based finish to provide extraordinary adhesion qualities for composite application with rubber, silicones and fluorocarbon rubbers. We also supply a range of textiles for under-bonnet seals and diaphragms.

Hose reinforcement fabrics

Our Turbotec fabrics have become a globally recognised name in mandrel built hose reinforcement manufacture. Heathcoat uniquely offer a wide range of both knitted and woven fabrics for this application.

Vehicle Interior textiles

These can be found in a wide range of applications. Some are used in upholstery surfaces for aesthetic enhancement, they can also be found in spider fabrics for speakers, coil suspension and component performance products in a diverse combination of structures and designs – from our spacetec® range for climate-controlled seating, bolsters and instrument panels; to non-woven lumbar supports and fire-retardant barrier fabrics; and woven textiles for smart-sensor ballistic protection – to map-pocket netting.

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