You’ll find our unique engineered fabrics in military and civilian aircraft across the world, specified by global brands such as Airbus. Decades of research, development and testing in close cooperation with aircraft component design partners, means that our specialist technical teams have created the highest specification bespoke fabrics for applications where ’near enough’ is never an option.

Thanks to their high strength to weight ratios, textile reinforced composite structures reduce weight significantly, which boosts fuel economy and lowers costs. We design and manufacture woven and knitted textiles to reinforce gaskets, seals and diaphragms for numerous critical applications, from wings and fuselage to engines. We have also developed fire resistant fabrics for structural applications such as ventilation and ducting reinforcements, inflatable seals, seat strengthening and connectors.

All reinforced rubber products used in aerospace must have the strongest possible whole-life bond between the fabric and rubber elements. At Heathcoat Fabrics we have made the formulation and application of fabric to rubber bonding a core specialism for which we are trusted throughout the industry. This failsafe bond is achieved without the use of harmful solvents

Our latest product launch features silica yarns in a range of enhanced flame-retardant warp knitted fabrics, including a 3D spacetec® option, conforming to EN 14116 Index 3 and FAR 25.853.


  • Solvent-free fabric treatments provide the best possible adhesion performance
  • Woven and knitted fabric structures
  • Fabrics made from Meta & Para-Aramids, Polyamides, Polyesters and other high-performance yarns
  • Superior fire and heat resistant performance
  • Customer-focussed business team
  • In-house research & development
  • Extensive on-site fabric testing facilities
  • Small scale production capability for new fabric development


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