Drytec moisture-wicking textile

Revolutionising personal comfort: Introducing DRYTEC™ a unique (patent pending) innovation in surface-to-surface moisture transfer fabrics.

Heathcoat Fabrics, a global-leading manufacturer of textile components for military equipment, announces the launch of its groundbreaking innovation, DRYTEC™ surface-to-surface moisture-wicking spacer fabric. This cutting-edge textile solution is poised to redefine comfort and performance in military gear (as well as other markets), offering unique moisture management capabilities and enhanced wearer comfort.

As suppliers to some of Europe’s largest designers and producers of military equipment, Heathcoat understands the critical importance of ensuring military personnel remain comfortable and capable of performing their duties under challenging conditions. In response to this demand, the Heathcoat development team has engineered DRYTEC™ surface-to-surface moisture-wicking spacer fabric to address key challenges faced by military personnel.

DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric has been designed by Heathcoat’s technical team to actively draw moisture (perspiration) from a surface, such as skin, allowing the moisture to be dispersed through the textile to the outer fabric surface, ultimately improving the thermo-physiological comfort of the user.

Key features of DRYTEC™ include:

  • Advanced Moisture Management: The innovative design of the DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric enables it to draw perspiration away from the skin, through the spacer, and then disperse and evaporate it on the outside of the fabric. This unique surface-to-surface moisture movement characteristic is designed to ensure personnel remain dry and comfortable when carrying heavy personal equipment.
  • High-Wicking Performance: Crafted from a special composition of polyester, monofilament and cellulosic yarns, the DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric offers unparalleled moisture-management capabilities, keeping the wearer’s skin dry and minimizing discomfort caused by moisture accumulation.
  • Enhanced Comfort and Breathability: In addition to its superior moisture management properties, DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric is highly soft, comfortable, and breathable. This ensures optimal thermo-physiological comfort for personnel in various climates and environments.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built to withstand the rigours of military use, DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric is incredibly durable and resistant to wear and tear. Its compressible air gap structure provides shock absorption and weight distribution, making it ideal for use in backpack straps, lumber supports, and ballistic plate carriers.
  • Suitability for multiple markets: The key functionality of DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric makes it highly suitable for many other markets and uses, including healthcare, wound care, sports and leisure apparel.

Heathcoat Director, Andy Bell expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “The development of our DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence. We are proud to offer military personnel a solution that enhances comfort and improves performance and durability in the field.”

DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric development is the result of extensive research and testing by Heathcoat Fabrics technical development team. For more information about DRYTEC™ Spacer Fabric and opportunities for other market uses, contact our knitted fabrics team warpknittingsales@heathcoat.co.uk