A New Textile Technology for Chemical Defence Applications

Heathcoat Fabrics is proud to unveil its groundbreaking NeutraliZr™ fabric, a revolutionary material poised to transform military chemical defence applications. Developed in collaboration with Guild Associates Inc., NeutraliZr™ textile offers unparalleled capabilities in rapidly adsorbing and detoxifying chemical warfare agents.

NeutraliZr™ textile features zirconium hydroxide, renowned for its swift adsorption and detoxification properties. By immobilising zirconium hydroxide onto the textile with a unique dust-free, non-shedding formulation, Heathcoat has created a material capable of direct contact with contaminated surfaces, including unbroken skin, ensuring rapid adsorption of chemical agents.

One of the flagship applications of NeutraliZr™ technology is The Universal Decontamination Mitt (UDM), a versatile solution designed to meet immediate decontamination needs for both equipment and unbroken skin. Crafted entirely from NeutraliZr™ textile, the UDM has demonstrated exceptional efficacy in decontaminating surfaces of military items and unbroken skin exposed to chemical warfare agents and their simulants. In rigorous testing, the UDM achieved over 90% decontamination efficacy on porcine skin, representing unbroken human skin, and removed over 99% of chemical agents and simulants from contaminated items.

Building on this success, Heathcoat Fabrics, in collaboration with Guild Associates, has developed a PFAS-free CBRN suit for the US military’s Uniform Integrated Protective Ensemble (UIPE) Programme. This next-generation suit offers enhanced chemical protection and detoxification functionality, including VX, GB, and HD agents, as well as aerosol protection. With improved comfort, reduced thermal burden, and increased breathability, the PFAS-free CBRN suit sets a new standard for lightweight CBRN protection.

“We are thrilled to introduce NeutraliZr™ technology, a game-changer in military chemical defence,” said John Stimpson, Business Manager for Woven Fabrics at Heathcoat Fabrics. “Our collaboration with Guild Associates has resulted in innovative solutions that address critical needs for rapid decontamination and enhanced protection. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of textile technology to safeguard military and first response personnel.”

NeutraliZr™ textile and The Universal Decontamination Mitt are now commercially available, offering military and defence organisations access to cutting-edge solutions for chemical defence.

For more information about NeutraliZr™ technology and Heathcoat Fabrics’ extensive range of innovative textile solutions, please contact cbrn@heathcoat.co.uk