Apprenticeships are an investment in our future

Earning whilst you are learning, and gaining invaluable on-the-job experience, might seem like a dream. Still, at Heathcoat Fabrics Limited, this is the reality of an apprenticeship.

Heathcoat Fabrics reintroduced apprenticeships to their business in 2023 and are already seeing the benefits from this in helping to close the skills gap.

Simon March, Engineering Manager, knows firsthand how the apprentices are benefiting from learning in the workplace and being around skilled workers. He explains

“As a business, Heathcoat Fabrics are in the fortunate position of employing a variety of long-serving, highly skilled engineers who are keen to pass on their valuable knowledge and experience in mechanical and electrical engineering, including welding and fabrication. With an ongoing skills gap in the marketplace for quality multi-skilled engineers, the obvious choice was to invest in apprenticeships specifically within the Engineering Department.”

Apprenticeships offer an alternative route for people to invest in their future, to gain a nationally recognised qualification whilst being a paid employee and learning in the work environment.

Rhys is an Engineering Apprentice. He says, “Since joining Heathcoat Fabrics I have been surprised at the number of different jobs that I have been able to get involved in mechanically and electronically. The course I have been doing at college has benefited from the apprenticeship as I have learnt a lot at Heathcoat’s while being here. I would recommend the apprentice route’.

“Heathcoat have a rich history in employing apprentices’, adds Simon. “Previously we have had two apprentice engineers who have now been in the business for over 10 years, so the investment is very worthwhile. As Rhys nears the end of his first year, we will be looking at taking on a second apprentice.”

Alongside a competitive salary; apprentices receive a generous holiday entitlement, access to a mentor, staff benefits, support for their studies and a subsidised onsite canteen.

Apprenticeships come in a variety of forms and are available to new and current employees. HR Manager, Jayne Marsh-Jones says

“Apprenticeships create passion and willingness for employees to learn new skills for their success, whether this is bringing in new talent to our organisation or developing our current employees to bridge their skills gaps. Apprenticeships allow our employees to dedicate their time at work to focus on transformational projects and industry related opportunities to support their own commitment to learning.  It is important for us to build our talent for the future by providing the relevant training and development at all levels.”

Heathcoat Fabrics Limited are currently advertising for a Laboratory Technician Apprentice for their Dye Laboratory, therefore if you are interested in developing your workplace skills whilst learning and gaining qualifications, or if you want to find out more about Heathcoat Fabric’s apprenticeship schemes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with or visit