Heathcoat Fabrics has recently introduced an innovative range of fabrics featuring a unique graphene-print technology, showcasing the company’s expertise in advanced performance textiles. Known for their 3D spacer, mesh, and other high-performance knitted and woven structures, Heathcoat Fabrics has introduced these new materials to demonstrate their capabilities in incorporating cutting-edge technologies.

Graphene is an extremely lightweight, very thin and incredibly strong carbon-based material. It has many unique properties, for instance electrical and heat conductivity, resistance to high temperatures, natural anti-bacterial properties and superior durability.

Through collaboration with a specialist graphene-print technology company, Heathcoat is now capable of achieving these concept fabrics through refining a process to print a water-based graphene paste onto textiles. The newly launched fabrics feature a distinctive honeycomb pattern, highlighting the structure of graphene’s carbon atoms.

Benefits of Graphene-Printed Fabrics

  • Heat DissipationThe fabrics are lightweight and knitted in a fine gauge whilst also carrying some of the unique properties of graphene.
  • Used in thermal regulation, these textiles can deliver advanced heat dissipation and offer an increased cooling rate of up to 60%. This allows garments made from this material to spread body heat throughout and prevent overheating.
  • These graphene prints also have a strong surface resistivity and a significant anti-static performance, making them ideal for applications such as personal protective equipment (PPE).
  • Additional qualities include valuable antibacterial properties.
  • Availability for multiple variations of Graphene Print Patterns.

With these advancements, Heathcoat Fabrics continues to lead the way in developing innovative textile solutions for performance apparel, ensuring enhanced comfort and protection for end-users.

Exciting Markets and Applications

Sportswear and Active Clothing – benefitting from anti-bacterial, cooling and thermal comfort effects.

Healthcare and Medical – benefitting from the anti-bacterial and cooling effects.

Personal Protective Equipment – benefitting from anti-static and cooling effects.

Military Apparel – benefitting from high durability, thermal comfort and cooling effects.


To register your interest in our Graphene-printed fabric range, email knittingsales@heathcoat.co.uk