Heathcoat Fabrics is expanding its Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) range with its newest PBI PRO development. This is being showcased along with a new lightweight PBI TGP range and our GΔRDTEX industrial protection range.

Pbi PRO, which at 195gsm is at least 5% lighter than most PBI fabrics currently on the market, whilst offering our highest ever strength and durability. Pbi PRO is unique compared to competitor fabrics as the team have created an engineered yarn to combine additional heat and flame protection with the super-strong filaments making for improved flame and UV protection.

Mark Drysdale, Commercial Manager of Protective wear Fabrics said: “Heathcoat has a long history of manufacturing PBI fabrics that have seen garments exceed 10 years of continuous active service.

“Our goal was to design an engineered yarn that would ultimately give protection to otherwise exposed strengthening fibres, so that the strength proportion is protected against carbonisation and embrittlement and therefore doesn’t risk breaking open upon exposure to heat and flame.

Pbi PRO is a great addition to our current range of Pbi fabrics, being the strongest in our Pbi range. The advantage customers have working with Heathcoat Fabrics is our ability to design completely bespoke fabrics to suit their specific requirements.”

Heathcoat Fabrics currently has several significant product evolutions, including:

Pure Range of Pbi fabrics for firefighting – The Pure range incorporates the heat and flame protective properties of Pbi combined with strength and durability of Para-Aramid, including KEVLAR® and Twaron®. Heathcoat has combined fibre properties their most effective combination to create higher levels of performance and ensuring the best available protection for those on the front line.

Heathcoat Fabrics Ltd has created the GΔRDTEX range of inherently flame-retardant fabrics for protection against industrial hazards. The GΔRDTEX range includes different fabric types, performance levels and price points to give the buyer confidence in selecting the right option for their professional needs.

The GΔRDTEX range offers inherently flame-retardant fabric solutions using both branded NOMEX®, Kermel, TeijinConex, Protal™ & Pbi fibres and non-branded fibres allowing the end user to choose the option that best suits their needs. When compared to other FR options, Heathcoat Fabrics solutions offer peace of mind that the flame-retardant properties of the fabrics will be maintained for the full lifetime of the garment.

The GΔRDTEX range is available in a range of dyed colours or producer colours with a variety of durable oil, water and chemical repellent, stain resistant, anti-bacterial or insect repellent finishes.

Pbi TGP is the lightweight solution for technical rescue, wildland firefight­ing and industrial PPE and knitted 3D FR spacers in a range of gauges and face fabrics.  All Heathcoat outer shell fabrics are designed to provide breathability and comfort for the wearer and demonstrate an increased percentage of strength retention after exposure to UV.