At Heathcoat Fabrics, partnerships are a key part of our business strategy. Usually, they are formed with customers to solve their individual requirement for a novel or tailored solution to their business need.

A new collaboration sees Heathcoat working together with two partners to create the best solution in textile face coverings, offering a new level of everyday protection against the continuing Covid-19 viral threat.

Early in the current pandemic, and with concern about the number of disposable items entering the ecological system, Heathcoat turned their attention to the demand for a comfortable, reusable and effective face covering. In conjunction with English Fine Cottons, our 100% UK made cotton fabric was welcomed by thousands of care workers and members of the wider community. The face covering was manufactured by English Fine Cottons who worked with the team at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust to design an attractive, effective and comfortable mask, and gaining NHS approval.

A 100% British product produced from ethically sourced materials and woven in a sustainable manufacturing environment is definitely something to shout about. The masks are soft and comfortable to wear, however, a repeated comment on our feedback was, “can we have a different colour or design”?

Enter the third member of our partnership, Clothes2Order. C2O are a well-established personalised clothing supplier in the North of England, with a strong online presence. C2O added their own expertise to the partnership by creating personalised or plain coloured face coverings using the established Heathcoat/EFC design and maintaining the benefit of 100% British Made.

Heathcoat have now added a proven anti-viral treatment to their cotton base fabric which is now used to create an outstanding, Brilliant mask product. The wash-durable treatment has been tested to ISO 18184, recording >98.8% virus elimination.

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