As a sustainability-minded business, we are playing our part in local, national and international efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Following the installation of over 2200 solar panels and the refurbishment of our hydro turbine in 2016-17, we are now purchasing all our remaining imported electricity requirements from renewable sources. Every megawatt-hour of electricity supplied is matched with a UK-recognised origin certificate confirming the source was either from solar, wind or hydro generation.

Positive results

Each year we measure and report within our financial accounts our carbon emissions resulting from the generation or purchase of electricity, steam, and heat. Positively, our commitment to purchasing renewable electricity will reduce our emissions by 9% during our current financial year (assuming similar energy requirements).

Further opportunities

Across our business we continually look for new opportunities for energy reduction to contribute further to carbon emission reduction, investing in new, low emission, energy-efficient manufacturing plant and processes and pursuing further expansion of our own renewable energy generation.

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