The latest life-saving development for paraglider and paramotor pilots uses our DecelAir Superlight parachute fabric in a rescue chute that supports loads of up to 170kg weight.

Paragliders need reduced weight in the air while maintaining strength in the rescue chute for a safe descent. To meet the required specification, there is only one product on the market: our incredible DecelAir Superlight at just 21gsm.

The special heart-shape designed by the manufacturer, precision calendering applied during our finishing, and particular folding technique help it to open up to 50% faster than normal round canopies. So far, the new chute is setting records for its opening speed and steerability. The steerability provided by our fabric allows for a safer descent should a paraglider, unfortunately, get in distress.

Building on our unique knowledge and high-profile successes gained from working with the space industry, our DecelAir development team are keen to explore other opportunities for further expansion of our parachute range within the leisure industry.

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