As part of our sustainable manufacturing commitment, we are repeatedly looking for ways to further improve our environmental sustainability. Our latest focus has been to review the sustainability of the packaging we use.

A key company objective is for minimisation, re-use or enhancing recycled content of our packaging. Alongside working with our suppliers to return packaging for re-use, we are looking to further purchase products with higher recycled content, for example in polythene used to protect our fabrics as they are transported to our customers. A simple choice here can make a big difference to the environment.

Our laboratory team have been rigorously testing recycled content polythene to ensure that our products are not adversely affected in use by the packaging material. They have carried out detailed testing to determine what could potentially leach out of recycled content polythene when exposed to extreme conditions, as well as testing to determine how well the products would protect our fabric from exposure to light. The results will help us take a further step towards the circular economy and closing the packaging loop.


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