Across the globe, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has brought changes to all our lives. In the fight against it, we must consider what part we play.

How businesses like Heathcoat Fabrics can help has been brought home over recent weeks as we receive letters, emails and phone calls coming everywhere from the USA to Italy, requesting that we continue manufacturing – identifying us in their critical supply chain in their fight against this virus. These emphasise that from hospitals to infrastructure, industry is counted on for this support.

Our customer base includes the supply to ambulance, fire and rescue services; lifeboats, police, military and hospitals. This is not only in the UK, but around the world. Additionally, our products are used in agriculture; energy production; filtration; food production; packaging and delivery services; and the vehicle maintenance industry. There will be many other industries all with a key part to play.

Heathcoat Fabrics are also here for any business whose current supply is either interrupted or insufficient.

Through this time of crisis flood alleviation is still required, and new babies will continue to come into this world. Many uses for fabric will continue to be necessary.

Our business has significantly adapted the ways we work, taking all advice to keep employees, their families and our community safe. We have and will continue to review the areas of the business we run; as well as the ways we operate in order to protect employees.

Though we have scaled back production, Heathcoat Fabrics will continue to operate providing help and assistance; not letting customers down as they support the front line in the fight against this virus.

Cameron Harvie
Managing Director – Heathcoat Fabrics Ltd