Advanced textile technology for traditional sailcloth applications
across the oceans…


Marketed distributed and sold internationally under the historic Richard Hayward (RH) brand, we have manufactured superior quality marine fabrics for over two centuries. In fact Richard Hayward made the original sailcloth for Nelson’s HMS Victory, when sail fabrics were woven by skilled hand-craftsmen. In today’s high-tech world, we produce an extensive range of sailcloth materials; retaining traditional aesthetics but manufactured with twenty-first century fibres and produced with the latest manufacturing and quality-controlled technology.

A wide selection of both Dacron and Canvas sailcloth fabrics is available in a superb choice of colours and widths.
RH sailcloth products include the extensive Sunwing® range, that are designed, specified and designated as Sunwing Cruise, Classic and Colours; Kevlar Patch, Clipper Canvas and a multitude of specialities.

For the marine market, we also manufacture the Richard Hayward AG+ airmat™ fabrics which are designed specifically to solve problems of moisture build-up and mildew growth in under-mattress and on-board seating applications. AG+ is a specialist treatment that helps reduce bacteria such as MRSA, E-Coli, Salmonella and many others. It utilises pure natural silver and tests have confirmed an impressive bacterial reduction of 99.9% after a
10-Hour period. This airmat™ textile incorporates Heathcoat’s renowned 3D spacetec® new generation technology, which significantly increases airflow circulation to further aid condensation reduction.

The Richard Hayward sailcloth and specialist marine fabrics range by Heathcoat Fabrics is available from a global network of appointed Agents and Distributors. For more information on stockists and suppliers in your area/country please contact Heathcoat Fabrics.

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