The next phase of our impressive expansion plans for woven textiles

We are excited to announce work will shortly commence on construction of a new 1000m² purpose-designed production building on our manufacturing site in Devon. The building will fill a newly created space at the heart of our site, currently being used as a loading area and adjoining our busy Texturising plant. This project forms part of our impressive expansion plans for woven textiles and has been in development for almost two years.

In preparation for the construction, we will first need to carry out some demolition work, including removing a redundant weaving beam storage unit and our old sprinkler tank.

Installation of a new higher-capacity sprinkler tank and pumphouse has already taken place in preparation for the next project stage. New, larger capacity pumps will also ensure the required level of emergency water availability across the site and help future-proof our site in terms of further building expansions.

The structural build of the new woven fabrics production facility will take around nine months, followed by the installation of electrical systems and sprinklers. Finally, solar panels will be installed to generate power which will be used in that area of our site.

We look forward to exploring new opportunities for woven technical textiles, utilising the increased production capability and storage capacity, and creating further local employment opportunities.