This is a market that demands an exacting specification and failsafe durability. It’s also a sector we’re proud to specialise in. We design and produce military grade textiles for extreme environments; meeting the needs of armed forces and law enforcement to the letter.

The key is problem solving. This capability runs deep through our teams, from research and development to production and stringent testing. Bring us a challenge and we’ll exceed expectations, proactively exploring new ways to push our fabric performance beyond established parameters.

Load Carriage

From high-tensile mesh for tactical vests, to Spacetec® fabric on rucksacks and ammunition belts, our fabrics are lightweight, strong and comfortable. We also offer enhanced finishes such as IRR & flame retardantancy.

Body Armour

Providing optimum protection and comfort with minimal heat stress, we offer a choice of weldable ballistic envelope textiles and military spec outer shell fabrics in a range of finishes. Always seeking the next level of protection performance, we have partnered with Honeywell Spectra Fibre to create advanced, world-first super-lightweight ballistic and fragmentation solutions for body armour and helmet linings.

Our 3D spacetec® fabrics also offer sweat management, comfort and anti-odour performance. We make mesh and spacetec® linings for both overt and covert body armour systems and helmets.

Battle Dress

Our textiles are found in combat gear, where flame retardance and heat resistance are paramount, such as helicopter and tank crew apparel and jet pilot suits. We create optimum protection using advanced fibres such as Kevlar®, NOMEX®, and PBI®.


Our latest innovation is Praetor-FR™, a world-first. This ultra-durable Disruptive Print Material (DPM) is made from 100% aramid fibres and offers the ultimate in heat and flame protection.


Our specialist team continue to innovate and expand the range of advanced fabrics for hostile environments. Our developments include textiles for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear [CBRN] protection, and offer the capability of controlled impregnation of a range of fabrics with adsorbant and detoxifying media.

Vehicle components and survival products

Unique and incredibly tough, Heathcoat fabrics can also be found in the seating and suspension systems of tanks and helicopters. And for when material performance is key to survival in the harshest places on earth, we also supply fabrics for FR tent liners, hammocks and shelter sheets.

Fabric tailored to requirement

  • Anti-fragmentation
  • Ballistic
  • CBRN capabilities
  • DPM Print
  • Flame retardant
  • Lightweight
  • Moisture management
  • Thermal protection

Specialist treatments

  • Water repellent
  • Flame repellent
  • Anti-odour
  • Chemical repellent
  • Petrol resistant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Rotproof
  • UV inhibitor

Would you like to find out more?

Heathcoat are recognised as the leading global supplier of parachute fabrics to military, space and leisure users, sold under their distinctive DecelAir™ brand.

The power of aramid coupled with Heathcoat textile technology; virtually indestructible brake chute fabrics for high-speed land and air vehicles.

Heathcoat Advanced Yarns™ demonstrates our continuing commitment to research, development and innovation. Heathcoat has the unique ability to engineer our yarns to meet the specific demands of the end product.