Early last month, 58 enthusiastic pupils from Two Moors Primary School took part in a behind-the-scenes tour of our factory. The school was invited as part of our annual Heathcoat Challenge, where local schools are given presentations in various areas around the business and challenged by MD Cameron Harvie to build a water rocket using household products and our fabric.
The presentations covered environment, energy, knitting, weaving, engineering, dyeing and research and development.
It was brilliant to see such an engaging and well-behaved group of pupils come into the factory. All feedback was unanimous about the keen interest shown by each group at all the department presentations.
The tour was followed this month by a chance for the pupils to show off their rockets, and launch them!
The designs proved extremely effective with the winning rocket travelling over 100 metres, greeted by enthusiastic cheering from the watching classes. A fantastic effort from everyone involved.