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In an arena fuelled by intense competition, safety aspects for high-speed skiing events are crucial. Working closely with our customer Dainese, we designed and supplied the unique technical airbag fabric used in the D-Air Ski vest, worn by multiple Olympic gold medallists.

Originally designed for MotoGP (and worn by nine-time Grand Prix World Championship winner Valentino Rossi), the D-Air Ski concept was adapted to ensure the safety of skiers traveling at speeds of up to 90mph. The vests feature seven sensors that can detect when the racer is losing control and about to crash. This prompts the protective system to automatically trigger the internal airbag to inflate, providing athletes with a vital safety function.

The likes of Olympic gold medallists Goggia Sofia of Italy, Matthias Mayer of Austria and all-time women’s skier Lindsay Vonn are just a few of the world-class names to rely on the airbag using the exclusively designed and manufactured Heathcoat CEtec™ fabric.

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