Heathcoat Fabrics has successfully designed and manufactured a highly durable IRR camouflage printed fabric unmatched by any other product currently available in the defence market. Praetor-FR is a 100% aramid fabric that has been designed to exceed current specifications for tenacity, weight and durability. With the fabric primarily used by military personnel in dangerous environments, the decision was made to innovate a fabric that provided real heat and flame protection into the modern military theatre of operations.

The revolutionary development has placed significant importance on the safety of the wearer. Tests have been carried out on the unique fabric system demonstrating over 20% higher tenacity and increased breathability over competitor products. Combined with a lower fabric weight this results in reduced heat stress for the wearer. Traditional systems rely on a cellulosic component to enable printing, compromising durability. Heathcoat Fabrics’ breakthrough of a 100% aramid fabric system resolves this issue.

After testing against heat and flame, Heathcoat’s new 100% aramid fabric demonstrated:

  • no flaming to top or side edge
  • no hole formation
  • no flaming or molten debris
  • no after flame, and
  • no afterglow

The fabric has high abrasion resistance which translates into greater wear strength and resulting in greater durability. As the use of 100% aramid fibres makes the fabric more stable, there is less shrinkage after washing compared to fabrics with spun cellulosic components.

Mark Drysdale, commercial manager at Heathcoat Fabrics commented:

“Targeting the weaknesses faced by current military grade fabrics was our priority when designing Praetor-FR.

“Having engineered this unique DPM fabric, Heathcoat Fabrics wanted to ensure we were providing the best protection for military personnel.

“We have received outstanding test results to confirm Praetor-FR has outperformed traditional fabrics in the market. It shows higher tenacity, increased breathability, no afterglow and most importantly higher durability; all of which has been combined into a lighter weight fabric.”

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