A combination of bespoke manufacturing expertise and a huge in-stock range makes Heathcoat Fabrics dress nets a first choice for apparel fashion brands, wedding and costume designers. Our premium warp knitted fabrics, nets and tulles offer a valuable combination of quality, safety and environmental protection.

Our unique two and three-bar polyester and nylon fabrics are available in a range of refined textured finishes. The sheer choice available means that we can meet a broad range of customer needs.

Flare-free and zero formaldehyde safety  

Each and every specialised 1808® fabric is designed to protect. For over 60 years our patented ‘Flare Free’ treatment has provided safer costume wear, reducing flammability risk, making our products reassuringly safe.

Naturally it conforms with the EU Directive EN71:2. Another unique Heathcoat treatment, ‘Zero Formaldehyde’ cuts the risk of formaldehyde exposure to sensitive skin. Sample cards of both ranges are available on request.

See a dramatic demonstration of a Flare Free product compared to a typical costume dress net:   Customers come to Heathcoat Fabrics for the finest dress nets and tulle because our priorities match theirs. We offer quality, choice, safety, environmental care and stress-free global delivery.

Built in benefits

  • We’re dedicated to offering the best quality in the world
  • Perfect for veiling, bridal accessories, embroidery, Lingerie, costumers and hi-vis applications
  • Extensive weights, colours, handles and finishes: bespoke or from stock
  • In-house dying to exacting control standards
  • Totally unique fluorescent colours
  • Colour match any shade to your requirements
  • REACH compliant, Azo-free dyes and ISO 14001:2015 accreditation
  • Same-day requests for samples and ship products anywhere, as you need them, when you need them
  • Multi-lingual customer service and sales teams

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