A major manufacturing facility for design to finish fabric production…


The Heathcoat Fabrics headquarters and manufacturing centre in Devon, UK, is an impressive fully-inclusive single-source facility.

The company operates a total end-to-end high competency service with in-house research & development, design, testing and on-site manufacturing facilities that include extensive automated quality-controlled yarn texturising and warping; weaving and knitting plant and the latest advanced specialist dyeing, chemical treatments and finishing. We use the wide variety of industry-approved weaving yarns including continuous multifilament, textured, spun, monofilament, and combinations. Wide yarn counts range from 22 to 5500 Dtex and we produce fabrics in weights from 20 to 1400gsm. To suit customer requirements, we can supply weaving widths of up to 3.8 metres loomstate, or 2.1 metres. 

Fabrics can be produced in Nylon, Polyester, Aramid, Polypropylene and many other polymers and blends and numerous different weave patterns are available including multi-layer. Finishes include Heat Set, Scoured and Set, Dyed and Set, Silicone Treated, Rubber Adhesive treated.