PBI Pure


No exposed filaments and fibres


Heat stress is one of the biggest challenges for firefighters worldwide and with existing fabrics already proving to be strong enough to meet demand, Heathcoat Fabrics have worked to advance their previous range to better address heat stress, as well as providing additional benefits.

The new PBI Pure range, uses the optimal blend of PBI fibres, which is generally acknowledged to offer the best heat and flame protection, with Para-aramid, a supporting fibre which gives high strength, in three re-engineered fabric combinations.

Recent developments have incorporated additional exposed fibres with the intention of adding high strength. These fibres, however, do not contain PBI protection and can compromise the suit as they are more likely to become brittle when in contact with flame. This can create unprotected areas that may break open on exposure to flame. Heathcoat have used new technology to develop their fabrics with the added insurance that all exposed yarns contain PBI, ensuring better reliability and added confidence of suit performance in demanding situations.

Heathcoat has also announced a significant development in replacing C8 with C6 in its protective fabric coatings, meeting the demands of changing environmental regulations. Having refined the flurochemistry after several years' work, Petrogard+ using C6 technology is now being used on all Heathcoat protective outer fabrics including the PBI Pure range. It is a safer and greener solution that provides durable chemical repellency combined with a UV inhibitor to retain strength.

All the fabrics developed are designed to give improved breathability, added comfort to the wearer, and an increased percentage of strength retention after exposure to UV. These fabrics have been created by experienced developers who have been supplying fabrics for fire protection for over 30 years and are dedicated in providing the best textiles to help combat the challenges faced by fire services.




Composition: 40% PBI, 58% Para-aramid, 2% Antistatic

Weight: 205gsm

Specialty: engineered to ensure yarn is embedded in the most effective position to maintain protection.  



Composition: 40% PBI, 58% Para-aramid, 2% Antistatic with 100% heat activated yarn back

Weight: 205gsm

Specialty: fabric will adapt to the environment by changing thickness, therefore creating an added air level to provide further protection. 



Composition: 40% PBI, 58% Para-aramid, 2% Antistatic

Weight: 205gsm

Specialty: this is a lightweight advancement of our proven and trusted 220gsm Twill. It also has no unprotected exposed filaments.