Creating the most advanced fabrics for space exploration.

Heathcoat Fabrics are very proud to announce an exciting project being undertaken with the NASA research department involving the development of parachute fabrics for their current Mars 2020 mission.

Heathcoat Fabrics is a world class designer and manufacturer of woven and knitted fabrics produced for global performance markets.

Using extensive research and testing, our current project with NASA laboratoriesĀ is to develop a parachute fabric that is durable enough to operate effectively when deployed as part of the mission in 2020 to land a rover on Mars.

Heathcoat Advanced Yarns, offering heat treated and UV stabilised yarns, have been used to create superlight fabrics offering excellent durability and strength to weight properties.

Using our in-house expertise, development and production facilities and Heathcoat Advanced Yarns, our DecelAir brand is reaching new frontiers. Fabrics created under the DecelAir Superlight brand are currently undergoing rigorous testing at NASA.


Interested to know how this happened? ReadĀ here