Heathcoat Fabrics attended the Parachute Industries Association Symposium in February, representing our DecelAir brand. Our unique, advanced yarns are exclusive to our DecelAir range; an array of lightweight and super lightweight fabrics exclusively developed by Heathcoat Fabrics for the parachuting industries.

Heathcoat Fabrics has been creating parachute fabrics since the early 1930’s, utilising our fully-inclusive end-to-end production process all located on our 18 acre site set in the British countryside. Heathcoat Fabrics are one of the leading suppliers to the technical textiles global market, and our parachuting range includes some of the lightest fabrics available.

Our DecelAir brand covers our vast range of parachuting materials, designed for use within space recovery systems, recreation and sport, military, aircraft deceleration, fast deployment ejectors, and racing deceleration.

Lighten the load with Heathcoat fabrics DecelAir Superlight range