Heathcoat Fabrics Limited exclusive brands


The Heathcoat fabrics trademark represents all aspects of the entire Heathcoat Fabrics family. The company name and logo represent over 200 years of innovative products, growth and creative customer-based textile solutions and services.


Synchrotec® is the global brand name for Heathcoat Fabrics' industry-leading belting materials. Our revolutionary power transmission textiles are exclusively marketed under the Synchrotec® brand, led by our dedicated business team for all variations of power transmission applications.


Turbotec® is the globally-leading textile choice for mandrel built hose reinforcement. Turbotec® woven and knitted fabrics can withstand extreme temperature, are incredibly durable and reliable, and can meet any antistatic or noise requirements presented by the automotive industry.


Spacetec® represents Heathcoat Fabrics unique, 3-Dimensional, multifunctional one-piece spacer textile solution.The fabrics structure allows for built-in airflow, compression, moisture wicking and breathability, and as such is highly superior and holds endless advantages over foam alternatives.


This unique knitted drop-stitch fabric provides controlled flat surface expansion - much like an airbag - that maintains a consistent shape when inflated with air, foam or water. CEtec™ is designed for use in a wide range of markets and industry applications. This diverse material is also suitable for lamination and coating.


DecelAir™ covers our range of parachuting products which are used within a multitude of parachuting applications. Heathcoat Fabrics have been designers and manufacturers of parachuting products since the early 1930's, and are recognised as a leading global supplier to military, space and leisure users, meeting the most demanding customer design specifications. DecelAir™ products utilise specialist yarns such as high-tenacity nylon, polyester, para and meta aramids, cotton and polycotton. 


The unique power of aramid yarns coupled with Heathcoat textile technology, DecelAir Extreme™ gives the reassurance required of virtually indestructible brake chutes for high-speed land and air vehicles.


DecelAir Superlight™ is a new range of top-quality super lightweight parachute fabric. Weighing only 20gsm or less, the Superlight range incorporates Heathcoat Advanced Yarns® for superior strength to weight ratio and is currently one of the lightest parachute fabric solutions available on the market.


At Heathcoat Fabrics, we believe safety should always be the first priority. Our exclusive Flare Free® product range is sold under our 1808® label, offering an extensive range of bridal, prom, costume and dance apparel fabrics, all treated with our unique Flare Free® fire-retardant finish. Our children's wear range, as well as being treated with Flare Free®, is also made further ultra-safe by removing formaldehyde for extra reassurance. Flare Free® finishes have been used on our dress net and tulle for over 60 years, keeping generations of brides and party-goers safe from naked flame.


An Advanced range of High Definition direct digital print-ready fabrics for the flag and soft signage industry. HDtec™ fabrics produce vibrant, pin-sharp digital print and are Heathcoat Fabrics' answer to increasing worldwide demand and emerging manufacturing regulations for an authentically superior non-PVC material in the rapidly expanding wide format soft signage markets. 


Heathcoat Advanced Yarns™ demonstrates our commitment to research, development and innovation. Under this brand, we have developed our own unique yarns with properties to meet the demands of the end fabric.