Covid-19 Secure

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is a global pandemic, affecting every one of us. Because it is an evolving situation, we are actively monitoring and following our government regulations together with their latest guidance.

COVID-19 Secure

The COVID-19 crisis demands we work together and most importantly, take care of each other. Our approach is, and continues to be, to put the safety and wellbeing of our employees first, do our part to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and care for our communities.

Robust plans are in place to deal with an escalation of this issue and will continue to keep our employees and customers informed on any developments.

Ways in which we are protecting our employees

  • Carrying out an assessment of the risks posed by Covid-19 and reducing risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking control measures.
  • Maintaining close communication with all employees throughout the business.
  • In our manufacturing environment, we have strict social distancing measures, including wearing of masks and shields where tasks require close working. We also have signed directional routes and walkways, staggered start times and breaks, disinfecting of surfaces and handles, and encourage regular hand washing.
  • Office spaces have been rearranged to maintain distancing and polycarbonate screens have been fitted to facing desks and within our reception area.
  • Meeting rooms have advised maximum occupancy and open space stand up meetings are encouraged
  • All employees are being asked to self-isolate as per government guidance if they feel unwell, supported by our Human Resources team.
  • We are restricting in-person visits to our facilities and will schedule only essential site visits.

Supporting our customers

We are working hard to support our customers around the world during this difficult time, particularly those supplying essential services such as food, energy and medical supplies. We are not currently experiencing any significant disruption to our operations from the Coronavirus and continue to monitor the situation closely. As a precaution, to further support customer supplies, we have taken measures including reviewing and where necessary increasing raw material stock levels.

Please contact your sales contact for any queries about products and services.  We remain committed to delivering to you while ensuring the safety of our employees and complying with government guidance.

For enquiries relating to our company response, please contact


We wish to thank our employees, suppliers and customers for their continuing cooperation and support during this challenging time.

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