Located in St Hilaire in the French Alps is the Coupe Icare festival; a festival celebrating all things parachutes, and home to the weird and wacky! Amongst the amazing parachutes, and the masquerade flight contest, were Heathcoat Fabrics, proudly displaying some of our most advanced parachute fabrics.

The festival takes place over four days, and it was a great opportunity for our staff to network amongst new potential customers, and investigate new markets. Our representatives met with several people and left with enquiries for both our DecelAir range and knitted 3D fabrics. The event gave us an opportunity to showcase our parachute fabric advancements. We have a unique position in the marketplace in that we are the only parachute fabric manufacturer to design and specify our own exclusive yarns for this market. Our latest technology for the specialist military parachute market is the development of our DecelAir Superlight and Ultralight fabrics weight 20gsm and less. Heathcoat fabrics market its extensive range of military and specialist parachute fabrics under the DecelAir brand and have been a member of PIA – Parachute Industry Association – for many years.

If you missed the opportunity to visit us at this event, or would like more information, don’t hesitate to email our team at decelair@heathcoat.co.uk
DecelAir superlight-notext