geotextile solutions in extreme environments

Civil engineering collaborations and innovative technical development
achieves leading edge geotextile solutions…

We manufacture geotextile fabrics for special applications such as our own unique civil engineering solution for the foundations of the Severn Bridge. This contained multiple reinforced concrete blocks within a large 'quilted' format that effectively 'pillowed' the concrete blocks together in massive maneuverable sheets for under-casement stability.

An innovative under-water heavyweight textile solution, this concept was developed in conjunction with a major civil engineering client to answer critical problems of placement and fall-way when positioning vast volumes of under-water concrete casements.

It was also the most economical solution compared with alternative methods and reduced the need for long term high risk diving work. These textiled foundations are now an integral part of the massive Severn Bridge substrate, that provides an important transport link between England and Wales.

Heathcoat Fabrics are producing many bespoke geotextile applications such as river bank and irrigation channel reinforcement to reduce erosion in fast-flow and tidal waterways. For construction and industrial applications, we can supply a broad range of single, or double-layered heavy duty textiles with widths up to 3.6m.