Today marks the 69th birthday of our prized NHS and so to celebrate, Heathcoat Fabrics are looking at our contributions within the health sector. WeAirflow spacer have a long and successful history in providing practical and innovative solutions; ensuring quality, specialist textile production for a variety of uses in a range of locations such as hospitals, rehabilitation centres, and care homes for the elderly.

Our spacer fabric is rapidly replacing alternative fabrics such as foam, as its benefits far outweigh its predecessor, offering a higher comfort level and better breathability. The spacer fabric is superior to the foam in deterring moisture build up, as well as other things, through its unique interior. The 3D knitted fabric appears to have a more 'open' core, which allows moisture to pass through with better ease, making it more durable and hygienic. This has proved particularly effective for use in hoists, slings, and wheelchair seating at hospitals and health care centres both across the UK and worldwide. We can produce this in a range of machine washable colours and finishes to customer specific specification.

Our development teams specialise in advancing and creating new fabrics and treatments to give the optimum result. One development being our unique AG+ treatment using silver which decreases the risk of infection and contamination and also helps reduce odour without irritation. Our extensive on-site testing and development facilities have allowed us to create products which have proven to meet the highest Oekotex Class 100 standard, a globally recognised accreditation, to ensure we provide the best quality textile for safety, comfort and hygiene.

We are incredibly proud to be a manufacturer of textiles that are utilised by our National Health Service and would like to wish the NHS a very happy birthday; may there be many more to come.

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