Heathcoat Fabrics Limited exclusive wholly-owned brands


The Registered Trademark and Corporate Identity that represents Heathcoat Fabrics Limited in all aspects of trading, marketing, advertising and sales. The Company’s name and identity logo endorses the company’s range of branded technology textile solutions, products and services.


Heathcoat synchrotec – the global brand name for our industry-leading transmission belting textiles.  Heathcoat power transmission fabrics are exclusively marketed under the synchrotec brand name, fully supported by our dedicated synchrotec business team for all types of power transmission applications.


Heathcoat Turbotec is the worldwide number one textile choice for mandrel built hose reinforcement, answering the challenges of duration, reliability, extreme temperature resilience, flex, noise and antistatic requirements demanded by the automotive industry.


Heathcoat Fabric’s unique and innovative technology is a 3-Dimensional high-performance multifunctional spacer textile solution with built-in airflow, moisture transfer and compression recovery. spacetec® is a one-piece structure that gives important advantages compared with traditional foams and other multi-layer fabrics.


Heathcoat Fabrics’ CEtec™ is a unique knitted dropstitch textile that provides controlled flat surface expansion, maintaining a consistent shape when inflated with air, foam or water. CEtec™ is a new solution designed to be used in a wide range of markets and industry applications including safety, protection, inflatables, lifting pads, packing, sports, mattresses and medical. Flexible options include a range of widths, multiple depths from 10mm to 500mm and it is suitable for lamination and coating.


Another recent global precedent from the Heathcoat Fabrics technologists, HDtec™ is an advanced range of High Definition digital print-ready fabrics for the flag and banner industry. It signifies a new clean alternative to PVC and is the company’s answer to increasing EU and worldwide demand, and emerging compliance regulations, for a genuine superior quality ecological non-PVC fabric.


The important *Flare-free branded finish complies with EN 71 Part 2 : 2011 flammability European Toy Safety Standard and is applied to all our Bridal, Prom, Costume and Dance Apparel-Net fabrics.


This brand represents our soft handle Tulle products which has a lower Formaldehyde level than our standard finish, and is especially suitable for Children’s Wear applications.


Wholly-owned by Heathcoat Fabrics Limited, Richard Hayward is the dedicated brand for the marketing and sales channel of our Marine Sailcloth Products. RH is one of the most trusted global brands in the sailcloth industry and the only UK manufactured range of sailcloth.


The Richard Hayward Clipper branded product range covers our traditional canvas-style fabrics with the authentic feel and look of traditional canvas sailcloth; available in classic sail colours of Tan and Egyptian Cream. The full suite of RH Product Brands include the Sunwing range: Sunwing Cruise, Sunwing Classic, Sunwing Colours, Sunwing Colours Adhesive backed; and further specialities.